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Branded Cowgirl Authentic white buffalo cuff
Branded Cowgirl bracelet cuff authentic turquoise
Wild flower authentic turquoise bracelet cuff
White Buffalo Authentic bracelet cuff
The Laura Authentic turquoise bracelet cuff
Retro Concho authentic turquoise earrings
Feathered Indians authentic turquoise earrings
Show Girl Authentic turquoise earrings
Blackley Creek squash blossom style authentic earrings
On to Bluer pastures authentic Zuni earrings
The Amarillo Earrings authentic turquoise
Stockyard Time Authentic Cluster Earrings 2”
Zuni authentic turquoise line earrings
The Lasso Twisted authentic hoop earrings
Wild Heifer Heishi Authentic turquoise necklace
Silver lake Authentic bar necklace
The Wanderer authentic turquoise earrings
Authentic turquoise slab earrings
Ranch Girl Dream Authentic Navajo Pearl Set
Gypsy Queen Authentic Lariat Necklace
Teardrop Authentic Turquoise Stud Hoops
The Dolly Large Authentic Turquoise Hoop Earrings
Southwest Authentic Turquoise Lightweight Earrings
Stockyard Station Authentic Turquoise and Sterling Necklace
Daisy If You Do Authentic Native Made Earrings
The Kate Earrings Authentic Turquoise & Sterling Silver
Sale price$49.00 Regular price$80.00
The Kate Earrings Authentic Turquoise & Sterling Silver
The Feather Girl Earrings Authentic Turquoise & Sterling Silver
Till The Rivers Run Dry Set Authentic Turquoise & Sterling Silver
Zuni Authentic turquoise bracelet cuff

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