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Authentic Turquoise Choker Necklace
Authentic Turquoise & Navajo Pearl Choker Necklace
Authentic Turquoise Sunburst Earrings
Authentic Turquoise Thunderbird Sky Earrings
The Concho authentic turquoise hair ties
Authentic Turquoise Nugget Stud Earrings
The Kaitlyn Authentic Dangle Earrings
Authentic Turquoise Sterling Silver Paw Earrings
Love is like a butterfly authentic  necklace
The Isabelle authentic lariat
Sale price$628.95
The Isabelle authentic lariat
The Hippie Honey authentic turquoise necklace
The Purple haze authentic lariat
The Gracie authentic squash blossom necklace and earring set
The Alisha authentic turquoise pendant necklace
Royal Blue Authentic turquoise earrings
The Vintage authentic turquoise earrings
Teardrop Authentic turquoise earrings
Love is like a butterfly authentic earrings
The Thunderbird Authentic turquoise earrings
Spiny & Turquoise authentic slab earrings
Branded Cowgirl Authentic white buffalo cuff
Thunderbird authentic turquoise bracelet cuff
Wild flower authentic turquoise bracelet cuff
White Buffalo Authentic bracelet cuff
Retro Concho authentic turquoise earrings
Feathered Indians authentic turquoise earrings
Show Girl Authentic turquoise earrings
On to Bluer pastures authentic Zuni earrings

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